Stylish and luxurious Singapore Villa by Viscen Simplicity

Villa Singapore is a stunning and luxurious residence designed and created by Viscen Simplicity. Located in South Wing, Singapore, this contemporary retreat has an impressive contemporary architecture and an amazing outdoor space combined with a wonderful landscaped garden.

3-Bedroom Villa Singapore Beach Villas

Villa Singapore is the perfect combination of beauty and relaxation. It has an impressive 4000 sq meter floor plans surrounding a private terrace with a pool, a fitness area, a dining area, a workspace and a complete bathroom with sauna and steam bath. Moreover the rooms all have an impressive design and the contemporary furniture enhance the contemporary feel.

Villa Singapore features beautiful gardens and an amazing indoor-outdoor connection. The incredible caretaker’s garden is the perfect example of how to preserve nature at the same time and to access it in a sophisticated and organic way. The incredible sophistication of this home is visible from every perspective.

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Villa Singapore is beautifully designed and very tastefully decorated. The eye-catching colors and sophisticated combination of styles are just beautiful and they create a familiar yet elegant impression.{found on contemporist}.

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