Luxury Resorts And Villas Near Singapore For Your Next Short Getaway From The City

You don’t need to visit the exotic beaches to enjoy the beauty of paradise. If you are in the city, then you should pick your vacation wisely. Have fun outdoor parties, have a lazy day in the park or a wonderful atmosphere under the spotlight of an old fashioned building. If anything, nowadays it’s better to be outdoors than inside. So if you need some inspiration, think of how to decorate the outdoor spaces. We have already presented several ideas and one of them was from Terra Cotta. These resorts and villas are so gorgeous, you just have to admire them from this angle.

When nature meets your style, they can be relaxing and charming. And when it turns into a disaster, all you can think about is whether to enjoy all this beauty or just going there to recharge your batteries again.

Cottage Sunsets offer a really nice and beautiful way of spending the day. Just as spectacular is the panorama, especially during the sunset. You get to admire the surroundings while sitting in the villa and, when you’re off, you can take a quick walk and try the waterfalls or try to find the perfect place to relax. The outdoor terraces, the sunsets and of course the pool would get you tired totally stressed.{pictures by David Lauer}.

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