Magnificent Villa In Singapore By Aamer Architects

The owner of this house had just purchased an amazingly beautiful piece of land with beautiful, forested views in Singapore, but he wanted to it renovated to ensure as much maintenance as possible for it. As it was quite expensive, the renovation came with a price tag of almost £2 million.

Because of the location, every aspect of the design has been carefully considered, and they turned the area into a tribute to the dramatic view over the ocean. The sunrise stretch above this background would be the best as it highlights the fascinating view. The sea is a fantastic view as it becomes a part of the house itself and somehow also acts as a link between this house and the large garden outside. The renovation was only possible thanks to the owners’ wish to preserve as much of the original as possible.

Furthermore, the stairs are a major design element that visually delight and enhance all the features. An interesting detail is the way some of the concrete stairs have been molded to sit on the floor taking the place of meaningful moments at first sight. The house’s living spaces have been designed to be open and with continuous views framed by elegant furniture. The living room is a combination of colorful joy and practicality. This is a house where family members can gather and have fun, at the same time with equal peace and the company of their friends.

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