Modern Villa In Singapore

The owner of this villa is an enthusiastic and friendly person, a person you can be very close with. He loves to have friends over, to offer gifts and to always make plans. He also loves his beach and landscaped garden. His dream is to have a house with the biggest garden in the world. For the owner of this villa, friends and family may spend their afternoons together, at ‘Tues’ of the sea.

The house is made up of three separate ‘L’s” and one L’O. It has an open plan that is made up of the main living and dining areas, a private bedroom for the children, a guest room, service and the utility room. This layout allows everyone a great variety of privacy and during the day the sun, the sky, the garden and the sand turn into art.

In the interior of the house the wide glass windows take the shape of a sun, a star. This way we can enjoy the scenery while sitting in the chairs and watching the clouds.

In the living room, besides the glass walls, there are some recessed wooden panels that take the place of traditional mirrors. They take the place of art on walls and carpets. In this case we have a nice dining area with a nice style.

In the spacious bedroom of the house there is also a sunbed. The Lucrezia bed is so large it takes advantage of the natural light and it protects your privacy while you sleep. It is made of wood and has a Lucrezil aluminum frame. It is perfect for the kids’ room and the modern design is completed by these shelves of colored varnish. The In Between bed is a real masterpiece and has no price. It is made with champers te combined with a brushed stainless steel frame. It is now available at Polifers Tiffany and it can be purchased for $6,250.

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