Modern Villa ‘Mistral’ In Singapore

The Johanna Whitsun villa is located in Singapore and is an astounding triplex residence. The two-story residence is all white. The back wall has been opened to embrace a lagoon like feature on the otherwise unfinished façade of the building. This allows more space to be used as a second home. The walls on the front and the back of the house and steps down to create a floating area just in front of the open pool.

The pool continues into the house with two unique features. The first is the white framework next to the pool while the second is the white curved wall that wraps around the pool and begins just right where the white shells create. The frameless glass panels that slide on rods are the perfect design feature to keep the visuals light. The second huge white stand used as a painting is suspended from the ceiling and appears like a boulder. The villa was designed by ABIBOO.
The back deck is back onto a second outdoor lounge area with a library of cozy couches. The back yard is on another wooden deck, this time with a more open grass lawn and gravel roof.

The master suite is located directly below the master bedroom and it opens right into the suite of the villa. Although there’s a wall to wall carpeting between these spaces, the strong and seamless lines of the deck only enhance the lines between these zones.

Johan Selm’s Villa Lawrence showcases a marriage of spectacular design and comfortable functionality. The lush vegetation lines the deck with lush perennials; the elegant lines of the potted plants create a natural and relaxing environment welcoming the minimalist interior design.

Johan Selm designed Villa Lawrence with a decidedly small footprint. He added a 21 metres long island to create a covered living room that was designed with an emphasis on the latter areas. The pool terrace between the living room and the kitchen is a free-standing design, adding to the sense of space and naturalness.

Van der Jagdhausen’s Villa Lawrence (as he calls it) is a grand three storey residence. It features a beautiful deck that is connected to the terrace, there lounge sofas and an inviting central fireplace within the sitting nook. This area adds back part of the entertainment area, as well as partially lowering the deck and boundary walls at ground level.

Villa Lawrence is approximately 21 meters long and is designed with beautiful furnishings and incredible detail.

As you walk around the living and dining area of the villa, the colours and shapes of the furnishings change. The light shades of beige and brown appear time passing gradually to light terracotta, and finally to bright shades of sky and green, of course. The furniture is simple, yet sumptuous and perfectly put end to the show!

Villas Lawrence is a must see, calling home an alluring escape where luxury meets modern design and technology.”

Photos courtesy of Villa Lawrence

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