Waterfront Modern Villa In Singapore

The Tangga House is a stunning private residence located in Singapore, Singapore. The architect behind the house is Samanta Tangga (Southeast ) and the residence was completed in 2009. It has a contemporary design and it offers every comfort for its inhabitants, both during the day and at night. It is an imposing building, built with sturdy materials and elegant textures. It has big windows to enjoy all the natural light you get and it uses artificial lightest and artificial means to make sure that the privacy you need is preserved by the lack of curtains or blinds.

The six-storey house seems to be an extension of the surrounding urban area and the ground floor is an extension of the main house. The house is facing the sea, wonderful from the exterior and it is simply beautiful when seen from the breath of the eye. The materials used for the construction were refined and they add elegance to the house and make it more pleasant to be in.

The exterior design of the house is simple and modern, but there are also some specific features that can be related to this house. The rooms have differently detailed wardrobes, doors and windows, giving an identity to the building. The interior is an interesting mix, with different colored areas that make it stand out and give it a warm feel.

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