Sustainable House by Christopher Polly Architect

Sustainable House was designed by New Zealand architect Christopher Polly Architect for his clients, who wanted a new home on the Dolphin Coast of Queensland, Queensland, and to be able to enjoy the beautiful bushland that was the canvas for this home.

Christopher Polly Architect

The client’s brief was to create a sustainable, elegant home on the Dolphin Coast. Due to slight variations in the look of the external cladding the façade is largely contemporary with a matte black finish predominantly used extensively.

Upon entry into the house the visual of a floating bluestone firebowl gives the visitor a sense of the raised lighting point. The choice of outer facing sliding glazing enhances the feeling of the home just about as much as the inner rear rooms. These glazing layers do not attempt to compete with the building’s natural environment; instead they simply enhance it.

Unfurled House By Christopher Polly Architect

It is during these open spaces that the bulk of natural materials are used, such as the bluestone brick flooring and bluestone walls that are used both internally and externally. The bluestone material serves a decorative purpose as it creates an inviting feeling both visually and physically that is subtly organic, juxtaposed, and/or dark; underlying beneath the intense bluestone colour. The walls, bluestone pieces, furniture, and rafters in the detailing have all been composed and repositioned to interact with the spaces and the bluestone to really enhance the overall feel and/or texture of the home.

Elliott Ripper House By Christopher Polly Architect

The rafters hold double-conefels and while they are used as low cabinets for cups/ cups/ cups of water, they are used as shelving units for books and trinkets. The open aesthetics of the shelves keeps the space airy and the need for general furniture is increased when the shelving is open. The eye is immediately drawn to the clusters of US dollars burning at the hearth of the stove, as they remind us of the American flag. Even when the stove is in the hearth, it is a keepspairation made of red wood burning cast from an old Austro- Finnish boat.

Elliott Ripper House By Christopher Polly Architect

The wall of four custom-made naves creates a sense of a larger space, and the colour and materiality of the contrast create a sense of a single space even if the room is small. This is a strong impact piece and can be quietly disturbing, but when put into a large window or picture frame, it fills a wallall with light and presence.

The wall consists of a thick canvas and glass within which sheets of blue and black varnished wood are nestled. These wooden pieces create an abstract and modern moment that contrasts fantastically with the original white wall hung paintings and upcycled floor tiles. The contrast between the contrasting wall and these beautiful colourful backgrounds is stunning and celebrates the genius of South African artists Bambu and the machine they created inspired artists with their well known ceramics. These walls remind of the creative process of hand drawing and marquetry work.

Gallery Of Cosgriff House By Christopher Polly Architect

Across the room, on the opposing side wall and beside the spiral staircase a seating area features a series of recycled ottomans that were inspired by the human torso itself, hanging from the ceiling. These pieces are filled with innovative energy and give a good response to the hand drawn graphic references to human civilization.

The dining room features another simple juxtaposed piece of furniture that is also very easy to follow up with fun and youthful touches. Wooden rounds are used to shade a slatted frame that is mostly unobtrusive while the heavy geometric print on the other piece creates a bit more of an abstract softness. In either case the focusing wall is white with the exception of the Lilies String Lamp, who is an organic piece with a organic shape and made from ceramics.

The LED lights embedded on the shelving in the sitting room are an organic continuation of the organic shape of the wall. The lights are not powerful enough to illuminate the upholstered sofas but they are great enough to highlight a patterned area rug or a fun mural on the ceiling. The simplicity of the design and repetitive pattern keep the wall from being boring.

The bedroom features brown upholstery on both the headboard and the bed platform. The headboard is a study of texture created from repeating lines with angles and grooves. The platform bed platform itself has a sleek, sawhorse-inspired silhouette save the mattress that isn’t strong and has a looser, soft texture.

An eclectic mix of prints and patterns is everywhere and this is no different when it comes to the sinks and tub. The deep teal ties define the deep aqua walls.

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