Christopher Polly Architect

PINK JOR with e purposefully minimalistic courtyards and conical roof is designed by the end of 2011 for a retired couple located in Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia.

Once a small cabin and now a spectacular site when approached via the access road, the 1,200 square foot cabin has been recently completely remodeled and renovated by Christopher Polly Architect, a studio with fifteen offices of 30+degrees. The interiors were thoughtfully arranged to provide harmony with the natural environment, using bamboo shades in the living areas sends, and marine plywood.

In the first floor foyer the open living area is defined by a vertical feng shui element and a suspended exposed light installation with a dark stained bamboo board.

The bamboo shades in the dining area have a white lacquered finish and built-in speakers to en beam all the programs.

The second floor consists of a home studio with a deep overhanging roof to continue the flow of the breezes and a double height space for the view into the dining room, and a small window seat with folding glass doors to travel to the terrace.

The stairwell is encased by bamboo with 3 layers of bamboo coming together to create a rich and theatrical visual appeal.

Upstairs, a private zone needs to be intimate as well as sustainable – the bamboo blinds need to be replaced with wood operable louvers before the scheme can be assembled.

A bamboo master bedroom is the private room of the apartment and switches back to a more neutral palette of colors and materials.

The living zone is on the first floor of the cabin and a Stewart loft is on the wall.
PV14 / Philippe Bottelli Architekten

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