Elliott Ripper House By Christopher Polly Architect

The Giotto House by Christopher Polly Architect features an elegant architectural “S’E strand Egg” structure with a bright interior.

This 2,475 square foot five bedroom, five bath home is located in Fitzroy, a primary living and public library in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Elliott Ripper House by Christopher Polly Architect:

“The site is 259m2 with a long and narrow southeastern suburban site with views along Mount Fitzroy. The primary challenge was to divide the site leaving the street boundary clear. The site is of a gentle height, proportionate, and of modest size. Our response engages its modestly scaled north facing footprint in a sculptural gesture that expresses the need for a low energy, economical, open plan home with a view to the north.

Approach, materials, and form are all state of the art. The house is a 3 storey object. The project is deliberately simplistic and expresses a selective use of materials to maximise its experiential qualities.

Internally a central feature, the kitchen flows amongst the bedrooms and forms the feature island which seats the dining and living areas. Floor to ceiling cavity sliding doors open to create a seamless connection between interior and exterior, recessing the owners hands into the site’s centre structure.

A screened porch runs the length of the main public spaces embracing the house. The primary living spaces face south and benefits from both transparency and protection. The sleeping spaces are aligned with the north forming a more intimate, north facing courtyard which embraces the front volume’s front and rear garden.

The interpreted form is simple, suggestive of a landscape drawing one’s sensory perception through the dwelling.”

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