Gallery Of Cosgriff House By Christopher Polly Architect

Cosgriff House is a private residence designed by Christopher Polly Architect.

The home is located in Sydney, Australia.

Cosgriff House by Christopher Polly Architect:

“The original period features house atCosgriff, a residential street on the north side of Sydney’s Beach Club in the inner city area of Melbourne. My design strategy for the house was to commentate the architectural style prominently, integrating new additions in the streetscape, without losing the original streetscape’s original elegance.

This was challenge in building form, materials and cost required, proportionate to the site and to the building itself. The key to my approach was to provide articulation of spaces, respect and a re-appropriation of the Beach.

In addition to some accommodation work required, it cost approximately $500 to install one home, which meant that the project had to be livable without maintenance, water drainage and upkeep, which in Sydney are obviously more expensive to do, and involved the use of a recycled raw board timber form steel. But it all paid off.”

Photos by: Christopher Alexander & Alison Morrison

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