Unfurled House By Christopher Polly Architect

Unfurled House was designed by Christopher Polly Architect, and it is located in Sydney, Australia.

The architect chose to use laminated birch wood to create the home’s structure, and the most interesting things about it are the ways wood is incorporated into its design.

Unfurled House by Christopher Polly Architect:

“An infill house on a 20 acres lot, with a wedge-shaped courtyard and a rammed earth wall at the rear creating a connection to nature and the forest on a foreground of the site. The house is sited on a peculiar ridge above a dune, with buildings above accentuating and focusing from that angle.

The design explores the integration of the ‘mere to fantastic’ look.

It is utilitarian, conservative and has a sharp dose of modernity, modernity falling in line with the family’s heritage.

The solidity and simplicity of the materials, as well as the reduced presence of Structural Insulated Panels (TICA) were proven through careful planning and construction.

The smaller footprint provides the necessary covered areas and the large single-width open space is left unused.

This open space is framed by a courtyard and a walled in wood wrap to the courtyard walls. The screened-in porch walls maintain the privacy of the owners’ retreat, while the rounded architectural ‘unities’ built within the house become the room-s closets.”

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