Sustainable House in Mindi Yarueh Architects Recreated Australian Homes from a Vacation Beach

“The Coastal” Decompositions a pair of idyllic residences located on Vinalhaven in Victoria, Australia, which each own its own private seaside quarter. But the homeowners and designers of this creation by Downley Architects did not disregard the expansive views of Middle Harbour, which surrounds them. This tidy waterfront property features its own private courtyards, a cantilevered “backyard” terrace, and an elevator. Its charm, contemporary style and traditional home plan re-invites you to a stay with an ocean view.

Australia’s Most Sustainable Houses

Sustainable Design

The project is completed using the most eco-responsible materials used in the construction of the cottage, including carbon locked thermal inertia by Windex and discrete corrugated sheathing. As a result, the building manages to retain both its luxurious character and lower carbon emission levels.

The 10 Star Home: Australia’s Most Sustainable Home?

Concrete is used in every room, from its high impact shelves and herringbone pattern to its grey steel decking and wall of glass.

Regardless of the era when carbon locked thermal inertia was a source of inspiration, it is apparent that designers aimed to make this feature all the time pleasant and aesthetically appealing. The goal was achieved by creating a continuous space with plenty of natural light and by using materials in neutral colours that would bring all interior zones personality. Wood is also used generously in the kitchen and bedrooms. Its highly reflective surface reflects all seasons and space in perfect harmony with the wood.

In the guest bedroom, the bed is placed directly over a large but impression-taking fireplace. This makes it appear as though the room is floating on air. A cozy no sleeper reclining bed and a mirror were designed for the room. Tucked in a corner, a natural stone rug covers the floor. All in all, the vacation feel is one of a kind and evokes the feeling of a magical place in the countryside, somehow also having a little hint of the nearby city.”

Sustainable House Design And Construct Brisbane

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