The Beautiful V-5 Hotel by Pasel.Mzurz Visited the Alps

The V-5 is an impressive and award-winning high-rise hotel. It has been built in apparent simplicity and its design is nothing but an attempt to impress and to impress. It resembles a bird’s nest.

Huus Hotel Gstaad, Gstaad, Swiss Alps

At the base of the design are two distinct bird’s silhouettes, further details that make this an even more impressive structure. The building looks like a bird’s nest, with an cylindrical shape and glass transparencies. The glass façade allows it to perfectly blend in and seamlessly integrate into the landscape. The building is alsoravided with the surrounding landscape, like in the case of this particular hotel.

It’s a relatively complex structure. It consists of eight luxury apartments and four guest houses. It’s not the type of structure that cozy bedrooms in a hotel should be. It’s supposed to Suites 200 by 150 guests, featuring a 240 square foot and 250 square foot structure.

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All the apartments and guest houses feature interior decors infused with the client’s personality and preferences. They each have a distinct and very personal character and they have been decorated with exquisitely trained wood which were integrated into the new designs of the houses.

Best Hotels In The Swiss Alps

This unique lodging was built for a family haemaker. She is the one who manages the interior design. She has a maple wood frame for the sake of simplicity and elegance but also for the fact that she is the one creating the custom furniture. Every custom, every little detail is unique and every color, every detail is considered carefully and paid-for. This is a house for the art lover, a house where elegance and comfort are priorities.

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