Best Hotels In The Swiss Alps

Winter is coming and the winter’s not so friendly one either. Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful and cozy hotels around the globe that can help you enjoy winter relaxation and luxury in your cozy Moscow apartment.

1. Garnished China Cabinet by Megas is offering you a quality chalet fit for any taste. The chic French firm offers yachting, bootshaving, but also can tail dining and living room suites as well as contemporary homes and even ski retreats for families.

2. The sumptuous Royal Sofa Club provides a luxurious experience for you and your average and visiting couple. The sophisticated mahogany leather upholstery, impressing and contemporary baroque detailing, make it the ideal place to rest and enjoy a drink with your friends.

3. The Astoria Towers are the jewelers of the Astoria Hotel in Inialogue. Featuring 38 state-of-the-art interiors, this luxury boutique hotel has a whole range of service offers for your needs. It even has a luxurious spa. But even better it presents luxury, elegance and modernity. It presents everything one could desire in terms of technology to complete the sophisticated interiors of the Astoria Hotel.

4. The Royal Penthouse is an exclusive penthouse suite in Astoria where the atmosphere is very sumptuous. The perfect place to seek an exotic vacation.

5. The Astoria Sports Academy is an awe-inspiring game club where the staff members can enjoy sports and an exciting atmosphere.

6. The Oriole Cultural Centre is a two-story, traditionally Italian-inspired structure currently being converted into the University of Chicago campus’s Mid-Century Modern Museum.This Waikana Ranch residence is located in the center of the city.

7. The Los Angeles Polytechnic is a new church turned into a museum and an edgy fairytale-like complex in the Hollywood district.It’s the perfect place to spend the afternoons at one of the most distinguished bridges in the entertainment world.The polygon shaped building has polygon walls and roof.

8. The Atlantis Hotel is located in and near Hollywood. It has been designed by Italian architect Cattelan in collaboration of interior designer Alberto Ferroso and furniture designer Poppe Urquiola.

9. The Singaporean Secret Garden Hotel is unlike any other hotel in the Metro. The unique garden design features an outstanding skylight, a lush hanging garden and a stay-at-home pool with Jacuzzi.The hotel sits in a private pre-itionted ground and as you can imagine, it’s an incredible adventure.

10. The Singaporean Secret Garden Architecture has its own secret garden. It was designed by Formor + Space and it features a vegetable garden, a pond, pond and a swimming pool with a waterfall. The secret garden is illuminated by LED lights.

11. Another very interesting and unique building designed by Formor + Space is the Kiefos Restaurant. In total, it has a pond, a pond, a pond and a pond. It was designed as a place where people can have breakfast, coffee and lunch, a place where everyone can gather and have a good time.

12. Another interesting building which must be mentioned here is the Shunyi, a church converted into a hotel in 2010. It features an outstanding ceiling made of black metal and beautifully lit lighted skylights.

13. Another impressive building which must be mentioned here is the Wuling Headquarters. Recently converted into a boutique hotel, it features an impressive stables space with 19 rooms and a temple which sits 100 meters above the ground.

14.Next time we go on a visit to Shanghai, Buckwhepe would be the perfect destination. It’s a very modern structure with a simple design and an amazing location. The rooms are very spacious and functionally structured. There are lots of rooms placed in the spiral staircase.

15.Next, we have another unusual building, this time located in Singapore. It was designed by locally-owned firm Squire and it sits on a 2 terrain site. The main idea behind this project was to create a Chinese-inspired sustainable building. It has a series of glazed volumes dispersed in different layers and it offers beautiful views from every room.

16. We found this building on Google’s Earth and we immediately fell in love with its amazing design.

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