The Big Barn – A Holiday Home for the Creative

Architect Gabrielles Hidalgo proved a lot of patience and hard work over the years but the result was remarkable. Today we’re able to admire the amazing result of her work. The Big Barn was designed and built by Garduno Architects and it’s located in Osoyoá, a small town in the Sóm-B griqu, a region in the southern suburbs of the area of Mexico. It’s a very charming and colorful retreat that, besides being big, also look and feel like a home.

A Reclaimed Wood And Corten Steel Barn House

The building is nestled between the hills so it has big views over the landscape and the distant mountains. Although it a small and insignificant structure, there’s something important that brings the inhabitants closer to nature and to a friendly and inviting atmosphere. The building is inspired by the beautiful views surrounding the area. It features sliding glass walls and a design that captures the minimalist forms of the barn and makes them landmark in there.

Deerson Barn, Preston

The original barn was renovated and updated only in the specific year but still, it’s a unique property. Some portion of the original structure was demolished and a steel frame was added, then the house was reinforced together to support the large expanded volume and became a single-family house with a contemporary and quite unique look. In terms of style, the exterior design is modern, simple and quite rustic, a style reminiscent of the barns.

Deerson Barn, Preston

The use of natural materials and raw forms is a characteristic of modern architecture. The transformation focused on making the house as energy efficient as possible while keeping it simple and at the same time practical. The transformed house was designed with three concrete bunks and is filled mostly with glass walls and sections, since the barn house is not fully supported on their sides. Sliding doors give access from inside the house.

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At the ground floor, the space is organized as two bays, one for common use, the other is used for intimate spaces such as sleeping area, the kitchen, etc. The connection between these two bays is made by a concrete canopy supported on steel columns. This protects the floors from heat gain and, because the barn house is not actually made of wood, it doesn’t seem to need any maintenance.

Barn Conversion Holiday Rental Yorkshire

The concrete used inside changes slightly with the seasons as the wood is still visible during the winter months. Vegetation surrounds the barn form and seasonal crossing maintenance took a turn there at all levels.

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