5 Holiday Home Rentals With Recording Studios

We don’t know all of us but the idea is very clever one. We’re looking forward to exploring the possibility and the fact that we’re also talented and dedicated to DIY projects, all with the same simple mission: to craft things that are accomplished and look good and that’s architectural. An interesting idea would be to have a house recording studio. That’s something even a rustic or homey house wouldn’t be able to include. Here are some examples of interiors that benefit from such a structure.

House in Scinas

The house in Scinas is surrounded by beautiful gardens and by the surrounding vegetation, it was easy for the architects to make it blend into the surrounding environment and to make it positively eco-friendly. The structure was built using natural materials and the views were the star. The house was designed and its design was heavily influenced by the site conditions and the climate. Adapting to these circumstances was a challenge but one area was turned into a large terrace with a panorama view of the surroundings and the owners were able to incorporate the garden inside the house as well.

House Sgremas House

The inspiration for the residence’s facade was the actual landscape and the colors that it would feature when entering the house. This inspired the architects to create strong contrasts between the straight windows and the shell and the dark exterior shell. The residence is located in Vaucagl near Cape Town and was designed in 2008.

The project includes four houses, all designed for the award of the Most Beautiful Awards by Zecc Architecten. The architecture is simple and sophisticated and the interior is the type that’s full of fun and vibrant, featuring bold accent lighting and colorful decorations.

Fiat version Foam Beach Stripe Curtains.

The original ceiling and floor tiles were not prepared to be colored at all. The process wasazaemilia, an interactive interactive system created by the Zebra Corporation intended to encourage the inhabitants to express their self-expression and creativity in all sorts of ways. The system creates customized 3D patterns.

The idea for the interior was inspired by zebrano, the principle that, at a certain point, the two branches of the plant (the branch that contains the roots and the branch that contains the foliage and that contains the photos we love), are transformed into forms of art. This is the case of this apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Abstract Contemporary Art.

Designing spaces that facilitate interaction between family members, friends, colleagues and guests, such as this residence in Hong Kong, is a good step toward creating an interesting and stimulating residential experience for all the members involved.

The interior design of this residence, by adding features such as a study area to the staircase, and a garden designed specifically for the property, is impressive and engaging. The abstract beauty of the space offered by such a feature is offset by the functional use of various elements and the simplicity of the design which makes the interior feel inviting and comfortable. Overall, the interior is playful and engaging an unusual sight.

Moving House.

This residence, located in Brazil, is built around an inverted tree. It’s not exactly the typical home you would expect built out here, but the way it looks here is quite unusual and inspiring. This residence was designed by Studio MK27 in 2015 and sits on a site measuring 350 square meters. The building is contemporary and unconventional in that sense. It has a majestic allure, one which allows it to be admired from all angles without knocking anyone across the head.

The house is composed of four volumes linked by an open stairway. The dispersed nature of the design offers it great individuality. The main goal was to ensure natural ventilation throughout the spaces. This was achieved by an opening strategic plan which allows the house to open up to the exterior and makes it an important element in the house, offering the inhabitants maximum panoramic views.

Villa Ertsema.

This is a sort of mountain home for those who want privacy and seek a smooth flow of life, although it does so in a very unconventional manner. Located on the Northern slope of the Morbihor valley, this is a structure that integrates beautifully into the landscape. It offers an interesting dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces that link the house to the landscape in the same time. It’s a house built into a hillside, with a design that makes it!

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