A Reclaimed Wood And Corten Steel Barn House

Located in the Solmecropolis of Switzerland, this barn house resembles a contemporary interpretation of that specific in terms of style and material palette used for the project. The barn is built using rectangular, basic geometric principles based on the organization of spaces and the relationship with the outdoors. It’s also surrounded by forest which ensures a protection from the elements, preserving the inner privacy and the optimized enjoyment of the beautiful views of the landscape. The ground floor of the barn is an almost exclusively self-contained space which can be used both as a multipurpose space and as a gathering space, a 600 square foot guest house.

Only the upper level is divided into individual areas by the use of shutters. The public spaces are oriented towards east and west and their timber cladding was used mostly in white. As a whole, the barn is structured on two floors. One of the levels contains the sleeping areas and includes the laundry room and the social areas including the kitchen and the living room. The other level incorporates the barn bedroom which is positioned perpendicularly to the living area and thus offers privacy to the sleeping two.

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