Deerson Barn, Preston

Created by Decker Cradle, the beautiful residence that embraces nature and embrace the beauty in its creation, the residence benefits from a wonderful climate.

The beautiful white walls make it look like the house is protected and situated near the cliffs which is difficult to achieve. However, it’s also the perfect place to call home. It’s also the perfect place to start your adventure. The residence was created by Anderson Architects on a very steep slope near the historic center of Preston, US.

The residence was built on a 3.500 acre lot and the views and the surroundings were an important element in its design. Moreover, there was also another major goal: to create a home that would be private, secure and eco-friendly and, at the same time, that, it would be an energy-efficient structure. The architects managed to accomplish that and they created a home that takes full advantage of its surroundings.

The choice of materials for the exterior also helps. The structures form a nice dialog between the structures and the landscape. The white and quiet exterior doesn’t really go with anything in particular. It’s a surprisingly versatile material when it comes to sustainable structures. It’s very simple and, because it’s not used to hold heat, it doesn’t allow the house to become a fire pit. The large windows have ventilation shutters which open up the views and allow the inhabitants to admire the landscape.

This beautiful house is the first one to have such a home. It measures 900 square feet and it has been completely remodeled. The lines and shapes that have been used for the remodeling were preserved. The house still has the original wood windows, old doors and the original gable roof. This is definitely a sustainable home but it also has a modern design.

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