The Contemporary B House, A Cozy and Colorful Retreat in South Africa

This is the B House. It’s located in Silkeborg, South Africa and it’s a very beautiful residence. The contemporary B House is actually an extension of the lanhouse that was built on by Nico van der Meulen Architects.

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Because of the location, the house would have to deal with lots of angles and curvaceous forms. However, the clients and the designers agreed that they enjoyed the angle and that it welcomed light and greenery inside. The sliding doors can completely transform the décor and blurs the indoor/outdoor boundaries, contributing to a very refreshing and inviting atmosphere.

The house was designed as a continuous space. It contains open rooms with ceilings and large windows and it has the kitchen situated on the first floor. The living room is on the ground floor. The B House currently has a contemporary design with walls mostly covered in wood. However, the architects had to make some changes when designing the interior in order to become cohesive. The corridor has been completely removed and replaced with a series of open and closed spaces.

The living area has a skylight above it that lets plenty of light get inside. The furniture was replaced with clean and classical white chairs. There’s also a round bed on a platform that serves as an extra bed. The interior is minimalist, a very interesting detail that gives the house character and charm. The areas are connected and form an open floor plan. The lounge area is placed directly on the kitchen and is, as a result, very cozy. It has floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides and comfy daybeds in front of them.

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