9 Of The Most Beautiful Houses In South Africa

If you are mesmerized by the beautiful landscape outside your window, why would you continue to enjoy it and see how the views on a clear autumn day are not enough? To make a clear representation of the house’s location, we have selected 9 beautiful houses located in South Africa. Out of ten planned homes, the houses stand on the banks of the River Esconda.

Each home has a swimming pool as a centerpiece and also a large living room with fireplace. In contrast with the nature-oriented counterpart, each the home has a smaller living room, dining room and courtyard.

Each home also has large wooden deck areas, a beautiful staircase, a powder room, an outdoor kitchen as well as an outdoor dining area. With nature surrounding this contemporary residence, the location becomes irresistible. Views of mountains can be admired from both the interior and the exterior spaces of the residence.

The home also has a carport for easy access. For those that love driving a car, there’s a training room, a parking area, an outdoor kitchen as well as a main bedroom. The Curiosa House is the perfect place to spend the days driving a sports car.

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