Contemporary Beachfront Home In South Africa

A house surrounded by vegetation and with a view generally looked and feels like a perfect retreat, a house on the beach seems like the ultimate romantic hideaway. Most often this is true, but the client’s choose of a single beachfront pavilion overlooks the sandy beach on one side and the dreamy landscape on the other.

Aptly named the Beachy Villa, the rectangular residence is located in Cape Town’s Vancluse, South Africa and was built by SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects).

The project maximizes the entire length of the lot, which extends beyond the site lines, providing protection from the strong typhoons in the summer, and ocean views during the winter. The cabin is positioned such that all its sides are up-close and interconnected, making it possible to look out upon the ocean from various rooms on both sides. The living spaces extend outside, in an “L” form, creating a dynamic relationship between the house and the yard in the middle of a forest.

The structure’s organization is based on a series of overlapping and symmetrical operations, starting from the folding of the house along the coastline, dividing the land at the intersection of the two walls and framing the sunset at the west side of the property. The ground floor is pushed eastwards, emphasizing the position of the bedrooms. A suspended studio is located to the west, with views of the reservoir and the sea. The kitchen is located towards the road, to capture all the sunlight, and all the facilities perpendicular to it.

The water body is placed perpendicularly to the building’s longitudinal axis, framing the plot of land and the front door, and extending to the east with the swimming pool. Surrounded by the surrounding vegetation, this parallel situation allows a clear separation from the city street to the south.

As a weekend house, it is necessary to contemplate how it can be used at all seasons. The structure is designed and lived in, and equipped with all necessary facilities, from water to swimming and sauna, and all public areas to the sea.

All the living space is located in the house, going down to the terrace, which, in the future, could serve as an outdoor sauna. Decks for the vine are located outdoors. The grape arbor of the living room hangs from the roof, and in the pool, which also has a terrace covered in white pebbles, there is a sauna. In the future, all the green plants could be permanently placed outside the house, in the garden, and used as vineyards.

The outer walls are mainly planted with summer bushes, looking very vibrant and impressive. The villas are composed of two different areas. On the east and west sides, the old and new ones are connected with a long terrace made of lush green trees and with walls, that are like a bridge, the intention being that they would not be damaged by a fall of snow. The sunny terraces, the white pebbles and the stone walls, the carefree way of simple spaces, and the total naturalness of the ground, stripped of all unnecessary elements, prove farther that the architectural studio Yiacionc demonstrates not only the architectural versatility of a concept, but also that the latest innovations integrate into the space in a harmonious way.”

Photos courtesy of the architect

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