Contemporary Beachfront Home In South Africa

Set in a picturesque landscape that overlooks the Southern Ocean in this beautiful setting, this contemporary vacation home from Blue Bay, South Africa looks out over the sandy beaches and into the mesmerizing views that surround it. The house was designed by MARTANN Architecture, a company that focuses on ensuring an optimal integration between the internal and external spaces, as well as the specific needs of its guests. The configuration of the building volumes plays a major role as they make each one special.

The solid and rustic exterior of the house is matched to the smooth and vibrant interior of the living spaces. This is true not only for the style of the spaces themselves but also for the variety of the overall form and the various small details like the furniture pieces and accessories. Inside, the color palette remains casual and the various forms of wood and various other materials are all highlighted in a very natural way.

The ground floor is occupied by a large home office space with a set of sliding doors which hide a verandah and separate it from a dry garden. The spaces are separated by full height glass walls which exist throughout the entire house, connecting them to the views and to the beautiful landscape. The glass barrier allows the primary garden to serve as a buffer between the living areas and the rest of the spaces.

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