Mabote House: Exquisite South African Home Becomes One With Nature

It is indeed an innovative idea from Saba. After Saba & Associates completed the design of the Mabote House, the architects turned it into a unique indoor/outdoor home that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors, making the most out of a property that overlooks a dry, mountainous landscape. Spread across three spacious levels, the unique house design allows for views of the gardens and the adjacent creek as well as the pool area.

Sabote House also offers the homeowner a series of first-time panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow the interiors to enjoy an unparalleled view. The modern, ergonomic kitchen, living area, and television lounge come together to make the most of the remote, sandy location.

The design is kept simple, consisting of two rectangular volumes connected with a large, one-story terrace that links both volumes at the same time. To create the illusion of a large wall, the architect has created sliding glazed doors and built-in seating areas. The glazed lower level of the home – situated in this open, newly green portion of the site – offers spectacular views through the tree canopy, and the interiors are only rivaling the setting sun.

Like the other areas of the home, the kitchen is decked out with a black exterior and top of the line appliances, long dining chairs and a spectacular large skylight. This clean, minimal and efficient design offers a hard work to be built into a small, superficial portion of the site.

To achieve a richness in the design of the kitchen, the architect has created visual connections with the Scottsman house through floor to ceiling window sills and an integrated stove vent. The architect has continued this spatial flow and have integrated the kitchen counter into the dining platform.

The large faces of the kitchen give the appearance of a second residence – until you look up and see this as a result of the flip down of the window, which brings lightness and transparency, and opens up the space to the sky. The kitchen worktop is flush to the countertop.

The focal point of the home is the floating fireplace, which is the backbone of the entire living area. The fireplace and stainless steel appliances are the smart choice to complement the home’s natural setting.

The fireplace is the only focal point of this cool living space where color was chosen to evoke a warm, cozy experience.

Suspended above the living area, the loftlike kitchen has a very modern kitchen that blah, a minimalist minimalist kitchen that is, well, kitchen.

This black element in the home connects the various living zones with one another. The marble island is a stunning feature to highlight the clean lines and the exposed wood element.

Just off of the living space is a central open-plan dining and living space, complete with dining chairs and a stunning chandelier.

The open-plan space between these functions also boasts a magnificent panorama decked out just like the kitchen.

Just across the den is a cozy sitting area that overlook the water and the property upon which the family sits down.

The family’s versatile brief to design away from the house for a few seasons took shape in the stunning location of the property.

An effort was made to create a residence that was perfect for their ever growing family, but despite being perfect for them, could not be better.”

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