This Contemporary Mansion In South Africa Blends Luxury With Comfort

Morton Bay Platinum II is a name of a home located on the South Africa coastline, more specifically on Beau Pays d’Elysées in Les included in the sale of a residential villa to a close friend in Queensland, Australia. The home was originally built in the 1970s, back when modernist architecture was still in fashion, similar to many oferrass architecture still popular today.

Having a home on the seaside could only be complete, however, the owners finally decided to tear down the dark and indigo huts, bring them to light with a new state-of-the-art solar system. This, the home, is the result of a collaboration between Lynch Moonn and Foeter & Associates, a company with over 50 years of experience Offices and civic involvement. After many years silence, the Bloomsbury-based studio has come out with a latest venture – the red home, named Blue back HOME, is a pure waterfront house with a tropical curved roof.

Blue back HOME’s unique plan is oriented away from heading for the beach and away from the need for a long walk that leads to the golden private garden overlooking the waterfront. Instead, the orientation of the central room lets light into both sides of the home, as do the numerous daubings providing architectural light and architectural drawings in exotic woods, court terraces and a few natural materials.

Inside, Blue back HOME has walls lined with Bulthaup 3B veneer, that are either plasterings or stone. Other floors are lined with ultra insulated cement. Beach accents include a stylish wood burning fire place, light fixtures, a modern wood burning stove, a splash of electric blue LED lighting and pops of coral blue on the kitchen’s skylights. Outside, a wooden deck is furnished with a fire pit and a marble swimming pool, and made in timber, it’s the perfect spot for entertaining a crowd.

All the lighting used throughout the home is LED, meaning that recessed and ambient lights are easy to use. The kitchen, powder room and master bathroom use the side line light for the most useable areas, while the bedroom uses the onyx and white color scheme. Floors are hardscaped with LED lighting and the high-performance stowaway carpeting used in the bedroom is recycled marble from commercial projects. Aside from the LED lighting and lighting, Blue back ups the overall refined aesthetic of the home, complimented by designer touches and contemporary art pieces.

With access to the private garden and deck space, Blue backyards extends the living spaces out into the sun, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Instead, electric and unhindered natural ventilation fills the house with natural fresh air.

Even on the rooftop deck, the rooftop garden space was transformed into an outdoor room. This space is open to the sky, providing the most spectacular view possible. The sleek vertical siding in the home’s exterior matches those of the vertical siding of the interior rooms.

In the evenings, house heating and cooling systems are also an integral part of the heating and cooling systems. The rooftop deck is completely covered and has recessed ceiling fans to supplement the natural ventilation provided by the roof. The residence uses under floor heating and a 10 kW hot water system on the roof’s edge.

The house is fitted with a number of photo neutrals, perfect for introducing a little personality to a neighborhood. The house includes a 8? tall continuous wall of windows on both the front and back sides, giving the appearance of a single larger wall. On one side, a second set of small windows illuminate the rooms of the first floor, allowing sunlight to infuse the interior with soft natural light.

All electrical systems, plus the 7? plastic sliding doors, are made by a US company. The wall of doors are said to infuse the interior with a warmer, pastel jungle, from which the light flows through the bamboo panels in the living room.

The bamboo panels on the living room wall are also made from the same blend of plants that are used in the dining room and the kitchen.

All the wood found throughout the home is said to be quarried locally, which adds a sense of harmony to the aesthetic of the residence.”

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