The Elegant Kathy Ireland Giverny Chandelier

As soon as you lay eyes on this beautiful chandelier, you know it is not an ordinary one. Its design is not very interesting or outstanding, but plenty elegant and it is placed in a glamorous place. The light catches the subtle lights and it provides an interesting accent for the overall design.

Kathy Ireland Sterling Estate 34 1/2″ Wide Chandelier

The chandelier was designed foridity and elegance. It is made or solid wood and it uses lights for added effect. The main operation is easy and it uses a chain and three fishing rods. The rod and the end cap can all be easily attached to the chain if needed. There are three variations of the cord. The ones that have matching cords are the ones you can purchase in groups of three. If you purchase more than one, it is possible to replace them easily.

It’s actually really easy to replace the fishing rods with single screw hooks. What you have to do is cut the cord to the size you want, plus nail it into place. Insert the three screws and see what you have. You can now change the hardware.

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