The H House by BAK Architects

The H House was designed by BAK Architects and it’s located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Franz House By BAK Architects –

The house’s design is very interesting and re-programs the space for both internal and external functions.

The H House by BAK Architects:

Concrete House In Mar Azul Forest By BAK Architects

“The H House is actually a two dimensional shape in the shape of a rectangle. It is a medium sized house designed mostly for occupiers with children or other family members. The idea behind the creation of this design was to create a succession of volumes perpendicularly along the line of the site. In other words, the residence is like a rocket from which you can access to get to different rooms.

Forest JD House By BAK Architects In Argentina

The rough topography of the site forced the architects to think like a spaceship. The result is an odd shaped structure that is composed of three staggered layers that are carefully combined so as to able to separate and stand together. These bricks are gathered and put together, assembled and staggered, the three layers of patina are then connected to create a single continuous surface. The surface of the second floor can be totally opened or closed and this also gives the surface a distinct appearance.

On the third floor, the house has a basement which contains a gym, a sauna and a shining bath, as well as an outdoor space. The basement section is wrapped with a timber skin, the upper surface is closed with blinds and some other elements that allow the house to blend into the site while simultaneously protecting it from the outside noise. The final result is simply architectural…sm pure and simple, with a minimalist style.”


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