The Hana lamp collection by Nokrium

Hana is a collection of lamps that was designed by Nokrium and it’s a series of sustainable modular lamps. It’s actually a series that was designed for Hana intended as a bedroom light. Of course, the bedroom would be the bedroom, also preferred.

Hana Table Lamp

The collection includes eight different models. They all share the same base design and they are in fact lamps. They have a very simple but also minimalist structure. Each lamp is handcrafted from coir so there’s no doubt about that. The Hana lamps are also modular and non-stick. They come in several different sizes and the thickness is also customizable.

Safavieh Hana LED Table Lamps With Cotton Shade

Each one of these lamps is handcrafted from high-quality materials. The base is made of rockwood and it has a beautiful ombre design. It sits on powder-coated metal and it’s not easy to clean although it’s solid and durable. The lampshade is available in a range of shades in a child and classic as well as modern. The actual lamps are made from coated MDF and they have this really great glow that highlights their bright and simple design.

TBL4160A-SET2 Hana Table Lamps

BOTAN NO HANA – Suspended Lights From Time & Style

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