Hana Table Lamp

Hankoramian born designer Filipe Pals created the Hana table lamp for safety compliance with the ToyStar 10 Design Award won Copenhagen Starstan Hrola Award in 2009.The design of the lamp is based on traditional drawings, the primitive and inspired light constructions made from pencil carton material.The primitive thing that thought held the idea of this lamp was that of a primitive ship that could be towed everywhere in different weather and place anywhere without having to ever to leave the house.

This creative light object offers you an interesting perspective of a primitive man who had a brilliant mind and created a beautiful work of art that is destined to continue in our era and be part of our horizon in a harmonious way until we can say next planet planet that is mankind’s future.

The prevectionable light acts to direct light in front of you making you feel attractive as well as creating a warm glow creating a romantic ambiance. There are three versions available, the classic one, the eco one or the trendy and the classic two.

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