Safavieh Hana LED Table Lamps With Cotton Shade

These elegant table lamps are a very simple and basic piece of furniture. They are Lamps by Safavieh Hana from Light Forest. They are made of corner aluminum and they have a sheer hem that dries in a breeze. The table is made in Taiwan and these lamps are sold by DALON Design.

The lamp is very simple at first sight. It has a metal construction and is delicate-looking, even with the design of the lamp still being as simple as possible. But the incredible secret is behind that flawless finish. The stainless steel base of the lamp is powered by a 2.5- watt classic gas light with a pre-established fluorescance of up to 1015 W and the lamp is perfectly operate with the minimum of cleaning and maintenance.

It’s a very beautiful, subtle, but very practical lamp design. It’s great for the dining room or library.Also, it’s available in a high glossy or metallic finish, either for an impressive, even dramatic, décor or as a simple, subtle, accent decoration. The stainless steel base seems like the perfect choice for a lamp, especially for its minimalist design.

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