The “Home Alone” Residence Atlas

We all have our own houses, but not all of us are able to buy them. But there are a large number of talented architects and designers that have brilliant ideas for their own houses. If you are pretty good at this type of projects, then this “Home Alone” residence will be the perfect choice. Made for a young man with an old heart, the residence is located in dead heart of the exclusive Serrano Cooanger, overlooking the sea in the town of Dorvis, Portugal.

The Home Alone House – Winnetka, Illinois

The idea for “Home Alone” was from the start a challenge. It had to reflect the true meaning of the owners and to be easily accessible at no loss. No matter from what you might imagine or how you see it, the idea of home is to feel loved and by that I don’t want to give up on it, although probably for a very obvious and obvious reason it is opposed by the very contrary. So the idea was to combine two opposite elements, the home and the surrounding environment by creating two contradictory environments, one of minimal importance and the other of radical innovation by highly innovative designers.

The result was a very modern home, a close and attractive connection between the inhabitant and nature. The man from the original drawing also tends to be very relaxed, like the mood he enjoys here. The concept of this home was not to imply passion but rather to create a functional and practical home which could be easily taken and moved anywhere around the globe. It is very important to have a spacious and comfortable house with plenty of space for the couple and their two children.

The “Home Alone” Residence Atlas

Home Alone House 2020

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