The “Home Alone” Residence in Illinois, Designed by Battelle Carney O’Neill

This impressive and opulent private residence was designed by Battelle Carney O’Neill and it’s the result of the collaboration between studio Matt Fajkus Architecture and design studio 2Xgroup. The owners purchased the house the same year as their parents, making it the foundation for creating their own home.

The Home Alone House

The house is located in Illinois, in an area with strict family restrictive requirements which made the conventional residence a challenge as well as an unusual opportunity. The house itself, however, is unlike any other property and so it’s intriguing how the architects managed to turn this into a beautiful and luxurious retreat.

The “Home Alone” Residence In Illinois, Designed By Battelle Carney O’Neill

The exterior design is robust but modern, with huge openings and glazed floors which invite the outdoors in in. As for the interior, it’s as simple and fresh as it can be. White is the main color used throughout, including the bathrooms and the kitchen.

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The spaces are white but have exposed brick walls, a wooden ceiling and gorgeous accent details. Wooden beams decorate the ceiling while the living area has a very simple but very lovely sofa. Even the dining space is tiny and has a lovely chaise lounge which is lovely and inviting to sit in. The bathroom furniture is minimalist and so are the other elements in the house.

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