The House That Has An Entire Garden On Its Roof

On the rooftop of the house situated in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, is one of those beautiful houses that has an entire garden on its roof. The house was a project by local practice Pia Arquitetos, together with local architect Henrique Panton. They wanted to allow the house to make the most of this location and to actually have a regular home in the city. Still, they were not afraid of immersing the homeowners in beautiful locales.

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They lived in a house that had been designed as a large retreat for their family; one that was meant to make everyone comfortable as well as to offer their young family lots of personal space. The garden is nestled right in the central of the city, forming a central courtyard around the house and covering all the ground floor spaces and the roof terrace. The garden is accessed via an open courtyard, with all the areas facing north so that the sun’s rays can enter the house and create a very strong visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces.

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From the outside, the house combines two styles that appeal to a large cross-section of the population: elegant and sober in their simplicity and natural elegance.

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The garden is covered with glossy Mexican prajeros grass which contrasts with the typically austere tones of the reclaimed concrete wall partition and stairs. Ornamental stone walls form a back wall on the south side, visually extending the spaces outward.

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The landscape strategy was to integrate the different levels of the house into long linear gardens that extend off the social spaces. The lower level, the main dining room, enjoys spectacular natural views of the city.

The lighting in the house is designed to simulate natural illumination without reaching the clean and minimalist look given by the white shades and color palette of the materials and furnishings.

The stairs, lit from the top, lead us up to the private volume housing the master suite and four other bedrooms. The black box is the main living area, with bedroom suites in two separate wings that can be closed off with glass sliding doors.

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Beautiful wooden ceilings, interior wood floors, and black steel fixtures are harmoniously combined in each of the spaces.

The House That Has An Entire Garden On Its Roof

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