The Luxurious Jalan Bali Residence by Indo Baluster

This beautiful and expansive structure is an addition to Jalan Bali. It’s a luxurious retreat and it was designed by Indo Baluster. The result was a modern and sophisticated residence with a very elegant style. The project was completed in 2010 and it features a contemporary design with simple lines and beautiful colors.

The Citta Luxury Residence Resort

The Jalan Bali residence features a modern architecture and the property also has a separate structure. That separate structure includes a foyer with dark wood floors, a gourmet kitchen, a study, a bedroom and, of course, the living area. The rest of the residence features tiled floors and walls. The contrast is a little bit more modern but still striking.

Even though the house is exquisite, the atmosphere is difficult to make feel watch. The residence is surrounded by vegetation and quite a few rare and endangered species. The climate here is temperate and semi-arid, not surprising given the extremely hot summers. Also, given the humidity, the architects had to find ways to incorporate the house into the structure.

The Citta Luxury Residence Interior, Seminyak

Even though the house looks beautiful and modern, on the inside it still seems dark and cold. The wooden floors have a particularly strong personality and they help create an elegant and yet earthy décor. The color palette is based on natural and simple colors such as white, grey and black. There are also modern and simple touches throughout the house, like the artwork of the owners, the kitchen cabinet from the living room, the garden stone from the balcony and the furniture from the lounge area.

The Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali, Holiday Residences Seminyak

The Citta Luxury Residence, Seminyak

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