The Luxurious Kudos Residence by Josep Camps and Alis is a Gorgeous Property

This is the Luxurious Kudos residence. It’s located in Marbella, Spain, more specifically in the beautiful Kudos la Siesta resort and it features a contemporary design. The house is simply designed that way and it has a romantic allure. You can’t really tell what it is until you get closer. It has a minimalist and sophisticated design and it was a project by Josep Camps and Alis.

The Luxurious Kudos Residence By Josep Camps And Alis Is A Gorgeous Property

The house sits on a 36.69-square-metre site and it features a central staircase that connects all the floors. The interior is divided into several areas. The most common entrance is the 9th floor that contains the living room and the kitchen. There’s also a very large terrace from where the owners can admire the views. The 30-metre high entrance hall is also central.

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The residence has floor-to-ceiling windows and this becomes a sort of lobby. technically it’s not visible at all from inside. It’s a sort of gallery where family and guests are very likely to see each other and a space that’s open to the parents. Even though the rooms are separated by floating glass walls thus making the transition smoother and simpler, the house has a very warm and cozy interior. The wood features have a warm cherry finish and add sophistication and elegance while also bringing in beautiful Scandinavian influences.

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