The Minimalist Clubber Outdoor Bench

Leaving aside the technical details, outdoor furniture needs to be sturdy, durable, easy to clean and protected. All of this is important for several reasons. Outdoor benches help you create a relaxing and comfortable ambiance. They provide practical space for you and your guests to rest and enjoy a beautiful day. They can also be very comfortable and they make spaces look sophisticated and elegant.

Innovation Clubber Easy Chair With Armrests

We’re going to start with the U-Color, a simple, casual outdoor bench with a design inspired by coffee tables. The most impressive piece is the dining table. Obviously, it’s the table and the bench it mirror in this case. The table, also featuring a top and backrest, extends beyond its dimensions and this is the thin portion that connects the two and gives the table its sculptural look.

The Minimalist Clubber Outdoor Bench

The simplicity and versatility of the U-Color bench allows it to be used in a lot of different settings and situations. Let’s say you want something simple and practical like an outdoor sofa or a daybed. Perhaps you also want something special and unconventional, something with an unusual form or a bold color. Either way, we’re ready to show you the Ostrich daybed. It looks very simple, with a seating cushion held up by a wire structure. The two seats have different heights and they’re covered in jute web belts.

Amazing Clubber Outdoor Bench

On the other hand, what better way to use this bench outdoors than inside? Its design is actually quite simple. It’s a sort of modern-industrial outdoor bench with a hexagonal base that stores the rigid wooden structure on two large wheels. It’s a sculptural piece with plenty of storage inside the inside.

Minimalist Clubber Outdoor Bench

On the other side of the bench is a metal table. It sits on hairpin legs and offers a set of open shelves perfect for storing a variety of elements and accessories. The legs are also the perfect match for the pipe benches.

Clubber Outdoor Bench

The entryway is a great spot where a variety of accessories and key pieces can be stored. One can pair great as a bench, a piece of wall-mounted storage or a combination between a table and a set of storage cabinets with door panels.

If you have lots of young children, you can organize a play area in the corner of your home, being able to easily organize all the things that kids love the most from around the house. A great idea is to put the slide in the corner. Just pull out a couch and a set of stairs and that’s all. Just what your kids love to swing on and play with, you get the idea.

If you have a folding chair then you can use it to store and organize your kid’s things when they’re playing and they start to think and act normally. That’s a plus when you’re dealing with an older and perhaps also a multifunctional piece.

Similarly, a table with a bigger floor than its bottom section can double as a space divider. That’s a great way to visually separate the seating areas from the kids’ bedrooms so they don’t take up more floor space.

A desk without any built-in storage or fold-down beds is definitely not enough for an outdoor play area. You can solve the need for one too by making the kids have some rolling rails or poufs. Use the same idea when redecorating the indoor portion of the playhouse.

Add some comfortable chairs or sofas and a table so the kids can relax and have fun on that deck, by the pool or on the patio. A perfect ambiance in the evenings, when you close the doors and the sun Goes off your head when putting a show.

A modern and playful version of a pouf was created here by Razy Design. It provides the same tired look without the rattan and it’s made of durable fiber rather than wood.

A similarly kids’ activity is play out in the backyard. This one uses a variety of things in this form. Its design is meant to center around a fire pit. It has an ergonomic seat and it fits around a small table with minimal space for chairs.

Another one has a pedestal top it’s simple but also full of character.

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