Clubber Outdoor Bench

Inspired by bentwood bench interlocking circles, the Clubber Outdoor Bench was created by Sabio Gullaio Design. The bench is made of weathered wood, but with a more modern and interesting look. The circles have been created using a ‘mongrope material’ so the material is natural and durable. The seating is covered in Shaker technique, that is when the weathered material is sanded and smoothed first. The backrest is curved so that the bench sits on a larger area while the seat is expanded and the back rest is positioned at a lower angle for more comfort.

A very interesting feature is the fact that the back and the seating have been designed to perfectly fit around a back mechanism. The back upholstered bench is upholstered using soft textile that beautifully completes the picture of this piece of furniture. The modern look is completed by the wooden design of the base and the superb wooden aspect of the bench. Match it with any kind of chair, and you will have a perfect relaxing place to wake up in the morning. You can also place it in the garden and you will have the perfect choice of furniture for every guests. You can make your guests relax in style by simply purchasing a few items such as a set of club chairs made of the natural material of timber – one of the very best natural options.

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