Innovation Clubber Easy Chair With Armrests

Every person has their own preferences when it comes to furniture. People often know what they want but they are having trouble finding it. It is a real challenge when it comes to choosing the design and the color for the furniture pieces we have to think of. We need to take our hands and make choices that will not only help us enjoy our furniture pieces, but also create a balance between all the materials and patterns you can use.

The Swedish designers Johan Bouwman and Swedish Bureau d’architecture are the ones who designed the first innovation clubber. They used in their project a 400 feet long table bench which was made of call plywood. Like the table, the table has two parts. The one side is the actual table base and the other side is an innovative slat which can be lifted and moved in any desired spot.

The bench is lets you move it anywhere you want. And because it’s an innovative piece of furniture, all the mechanisms and features you use without the interference of the user are invisible. That means that you can change its location and just look how you like it.

The table has four swiveling casters that can rotate around a perfect 180 degrees.

It also has a cutout table top and a very simple and neat design. A retractable sinuous spring is the feature which protects the tabletop from being blown away. It’s also of great help when saving space. Because the table is made of marble, the wood looks amazing as it is in fact a mosaic, a beautiful design.

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