Minimalist Clubber Outdoor Bench

When I first saw the pictures I thought of Campgai chair, that incredibly comfortable outdoor lounge chair with a steel frame and wood legs – with or without cushions – having a minimalist design, very interesting with three identical finishes. This is the kind of chair that I would decorate my garden with just for it and I do remember the comfortable position when I went to the forest for a drink with my friends after a long day of work, reading a book under the nice and kind- , but I do not know exactly how I do this, so I might never buy such a chair, nor maybe I will not be able to use it for a longer time, because it is very hard to find the perfect chair, especially in the forest when you have to do this.

Well, I hope you liked this project and not lose at time to contemplate the incredible and already famous Chair, called Tufted Out seat. The tufted seat of this chair is actually covered by waterproof materials like teak, larch, nylon and polyester that makes it probably the most comfortable chair out there. But the really interesting part is that can be used as a lounging bench, which is always great, as this kind of leather material is not easy to clean, so it is applied so it can be cleaned by water, but in order to remove the dust and the grease from your body it is sealed with several layers of transparent polycarbonate.

The chair is covered with goose feathers that are definitely the image of a luxury club, that are available only in black or brown and are skilled by Dornbracht. Minimalist, certainly, but also elegant and beautiful and you will have just the right home accessory in your living space. What’s most funny about this chair is that you can have this one in your living room, and I bet you won’t find a better place than a clubber’s home.

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