The Modern Architecture of the Russian Minimalist Hotel

The Wanka Residence is a modern and very beautiful residence located in Zagreb, Croatia. It’s an unconventional building that was designed by Zagreb-based architectural firm Zagreb studio. The house is located in an industrial area and one of the main forces behind that is height. The residence sits on a large site with views towards Zagreb city.The futuristic design of the house makes it stand out with its unusual shape.

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Nevertheless, the conventional volumetric figure is not quite what the owners wanted. They wanted a spacious house with large living areas and that would also form a private gallery. The residence has an elevated walkway that secured the house from the neighbors in the future. What is also interesting and unique about this house is the fact that the rooms that need to be distributed around the house also serves as corridors for the family’s activities.

The residence also has an innovative kitchen that fits inside the kitchen, both in size as well as in design. Moreover, the living room can also be located on the second level that faces the courtyard. The house is indeed like an international friend, coming from all areas of the country, with a close personal connection to the people of Zagreb city.

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Modern Architecture Of The Russian Minimalist Hotel

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