15 Moscow Hotel Design

Ever wondered how life in the city or even in a particular city would be like in the 1860s? Who chose thisera as a source of inspiration for their creations and mind-project? We’ve done this before, with apartment-style homes which recently got a makeover using modern cues.

At the center of this harmonious space is a wall covered with sculpted mirrors. Behind the wall, an interesting-looking table covered in Tordbo toxin vases, framed by birch trees.

A pair of sliding doors separate this living area from the hallway, ensuring a subtle connection between the spaces and the courtyard and garden views. The floor is built from local stone which was chosen on site.

The hallway, the kitchen and the dining space share the same wall and were designed similarly to turn function into art. The kitchen wall is covered with wallpaper from one of the clients’ apartment. A table for six made of reclaimed wood accompanies the hallway. The chairs were designed by another person and they’re all made of wood with burners and radiators.

A seating area is situated next to the kitchen. It has a sofa and a coffee table which face the courtyard, high above the glass ceiling. The round glass table and the benches occupy the center of this space. The table is made of rough sawhorse wood and decorated with copper accents.

A pair of seven pendant lamps light up at night. They’re made of recycled iron and they look whimsical, like tiny rustic lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The pergola that covers the top of the wall makes it look like the lamps are floating.

The Interior and Offices of Garrido Garrido Hermetos are situated in the attic of one of the building’s tripartite volumes. The apartment has a total of six rooms, the most private areas being the reception area, the offices, the kitchen, the laundry room and the wine cellar.

So, as you can see, the renovation definitely gives the apartment a unique look and feel but in a way that maintains the original and maintains the corner’s character all while being practical. That’s exactly how to make an old 1970s duplex feel like home and exactly how to do that without stripping anything to the original exterior and architecture.

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