The Modern Architecture of the Sea Ranch House

The Sea Ranch Residence is a stunning and contemporary home designed by tanor draizon/arquitectos. The house is located in a rustic area in California, with lots of trees and plants protecting the house from the sunlight and the rain. A stone wall leads to a second courtyard where we’ll find a pool and a fire pit.

Sea Ranch, California’s Modernist Utopia, Gets An Update

The ground floor houses the kitchen and dining areas. The pool is surrounded by trees which create a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. The dining room is spacious and has a double-sided fireplace. The courtyard is also a very bright space that acts like a backdrop for the rooms.

A modern kitchen with a wooden counter is a crucial element in the interior design but also makes the space look and feel complete. The wooden stairs with bamboo accents bring a rustic touch to this modern design.

An Original 1973 Sea Ranch Retreat Gets A Rejuvenating Refresh

The bedroom is large and open. The bed features an unusual and sculptural headboard with a carved frame which matches the floor. The wall niches and the fence that surrounds the bedroom create a nice background for the bathroom which is made entirely of glass and stainless steel.

Crafted For A Serene Coastal Life: Meadow House In Sea Ranch

The Desert House is a private residence located in California, designed by Ciel Rouge and what’s particularly interesting is that the house even has its own water feature. The water was added by hand when designing the pool and the side wall enhances the dramatic look.

Five Vacation Homes At California’s Modernist Marvel The Sea Ranch

As dramatic as the pool and the deck are, they also introduce a third color usually employed throughout the house to create a contrast with the rest of the spaces. This is the case in this home in Israel designed by Axelrod Architects.

When the surrounding views are not useful for privacy, living spaces often turn towards theoir and lounge spaces. This allows a single living area to serve as a large and open space within which to relax and unwind. Here, the corner pergola serves as a sort of enclosed living room corner with a fireplace.

When the background is completely bare and lacking natural vegetation, the living spaces can still be wonderfully decorated by vegetation featuring wild and yellow shades. This way the atmosphere is very natural and organic. Of course, the vegetation surrounding this house designed by Mathew Landen is just as interesting and breathtaking.

Most of the time there’s a wall on either side of the fireplace with a chalkboard finish, a parallel fireplace or a similar wall. But the wall doesn’t necessarily have to be all white. For example, this lovely home designed by Dorrington Atcheson Architects incorporates multiple vertical planters with thin and large accents in red and what we’re left with are accent plants. They become a part of the house’s interior design.

Instead of featuring walls, the architects at Glamour Camp fortress wall features a series of glass panels which can be replaced with vertical sheets with different shapes. The garden wall was made up of several such small glass panels while the sleeping zone is composed of two large windows with dark frames which match the red facades.

An entire wall covered with greenery is more like a privacy screen than an actual wall. vegetation, herbs and even a few tiny succulents are enough to create a relaxing ambiance in the sitting area. The space has floor-to-ceiling windows and floor-to-ceiling windows flood it with natural light and also look really cute and stylish like this one. The floor in this case actually continues outdoors and covers the terrace floor, bringing in fresh greenery at the same time.

For this residence, the windows and the sliding glass doors are considered mediums. The kitchen window frames give it a particularly charming look and that’s how the décor is framed by pattern and texture. The dining space has a set of hexagons which form a circular table with a pair of chairs around it. The residence was designed by The Ranch Mine.

It seems that bedrooms are as responsive to the architecture of the house as the interior design is. This bedroom, for example, is simple and takes advantage of the bright colors and neutral palettes. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make it any less inviting. The architects at Metaforma Group gave the room a comfy Scandinavian feel, featuring a minimalist platform and glass walls that form clerestory windows that bring natural light in.

The residence designed by A Parallel Architecture shows great attention to detail and beautifully-balanced colors and textures. The architects made sure to make this house blend in by making it seamlessly blend in with the adjacent home by introducing large windows through the social areas. This is just one of the elements that make the

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