10+ Sensational Hanging Shelves Corner Ideas

Corners are problematic in terms of providing lots of floor space. They make a room feel more like a living space than a bedroom. But, you must know, they are excellent at providing extra room for two to get things done. Not only does corner space become a problem when the floor feel too small for the space in question, but when you must fill it with stuff that must fit and meet the needs of your household, this can be the hardest thing to do! The best solution is to get hanging shelves out of the way!

Adding hanging shelves to a room are most dramatic when it comes to sheer aesthetics and you can keep it minimal or an eclectic space filled with various styles and themes. Not to mention, it takes some patience and planning to get these shelves across a room, so why not get creative and build just one fabulous shelf?

Innovative Versatile Wallpaper

The idea of extra shelving for a corner in the living room is far from over. We absolutely love those wrought iron types that can be either wall art or framed. Adding wallpaper to either zones will add an interesting element that will always pop. It also happens to be a cost-effective way to jazz up the corner.

Many wall-mounted DIY shelves can be rearranged to suit a specific space. It can be something you might want to do for the kids’ study area, or you could simply use the space to your advantage as inspiration board for your home office, craft room or your dining room!

Many of today’s featured corner shelves can be moved around to suit a specific layout you are working with. Is your home office an office nook or two that you enjoy? Think industrial style or even a sleek modern style!

If you are in doubt about what to get you started on your quest of adding more corner shelves to your interior, there are a few easy ways to work around this concept. Here are a few cornerroom ideas…

Use corner shelves to maximize storage. You could turn corner shelves into closed cabinets, cabinets that hold hidden storage, open shelves, book storage, display shelves or shelves that serve a double purpose. In case you’d rather focus on closed display and not open shelves, we’re suggesting you opt for shelves arranged along the wall so you can reach all of the shelves as a group. If you have a wall that’s empty, install some corner shelves to fill it with all the books.

Every room needs some accentuate and these usually mean bookshelves. To highlight your corner shelf design, hang some fitted sheet curtains across the shelves to emphasize that. They’re not as intrusive as regular shelves and help to fill the empty corners.

If you’d like, you can even use existing corner shelves to build a coffee table. You only need to apply the instructions and that’s the best part of the project. The rest of the materials needed include three wood planks for the legs, three legs, wood glue, some stain, a drill and a saw. If you follow the instructions, you’ll also be able to create a lovely frame for the table.

Building a corner bookshelf table is very easy. Start by sanding the wooden floors and the corners and as your final step all you need to do is attach the legs. Once that’s done you can go ahead and stain or paint the legs. Inside you can put a crate or a container in which to put all the books.

Let’s now move on to a more specific use which could fit inside a corner window. This can be a workbench for example, a craft room divider most often used in craft rooms as well as other areas. To build your own corner table you need two table legs and a few basic tools such as a saw, a drill bit, a table saw and some sandpaper. The plans shared on 4 Men 1 Not and include instructions that are easy to follow.

Here’s a cool and ingenious way of saving space: a corner shelf. It’s actually a shelve divided into several compartments with interconnected sections. You can put together your own corner shelf using furniture legs and within that shelf.

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