Custom Diamond Shelf – Diamond Shelf, Geometric Floating Shelf

Dresses can be bought for a price between $100 and 300 USD according to the size you choose. However, the best looking ones will have bigger price as they have a bigger budget. The Diamond Shelf, however, is a great element to add above your price. This unique lamp is a geometric floating shelf with an integral leg that embellish it with some gold and plexiglass legs that further enhance it. The shelf is made up of 8 Diamond Spans – one for each leg. The shelf measures 16.25’’ in diameter and it’s really easy to mount on the wall.

The fun part about this shelf is that you can use the 8th leg as a bookcase. The 2nd leg is for the hanging supports and the other two longer legs are for the clothes. The set is sturdy, practical and very versatile. The dimensions of this unique shelf are 31.5?h x 31.5?w x 15.25?d. You can buy it for $350.00.

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