Floating Wall & Display Shelves You’ll Love In 2021

We are big fans of floating wall design posts, and today we present you a pair of finds that will hopefully set you back on the right track. These floating wall & display shelving you will be the perfect addition to any modern space, especially those nestled in the center of the home. Let’s take a look!

Simple Sets of All Kinds

One of the first things that you’ll want to consider when researching floating wall shelves is the range of choices that you see when looking for pieces to add to your space. You should always start with something, whether that’s a budgetful space makeover, a shelf refresh, a full-length mirror, a curtain, or something that can add height to the wall without dominating the space.

We decided to select a collection that would work for our contemporary-style space, but also work well within more traditional spaces as well. If you have a small master bedroom with space to leave offices, maybe create a small stand out nightstand corner above the nightstand. Look at it as an accent feature to brighten up the space!{found on remodelaholic}.

Wooden Shelves

You wouldn’t dream to have floating shelves built into the wall, but wooden ones can make a in some of the home (without requiring any sort of hardwood) so why not consider adding one to your living space? You can get these shelves in a variety of lengths, so you can get started with any design that suits the wall.

This living room looks incredibly cozy and welcoming, despite its very different vibe. And they’re all built to look just like the wall, with the shelves complementing each other just right.{found on Sadie Gavin}.


There are so many lovely ways to add a bookshelf to your home, you can do a complete remodel if you know how to style it the right way. Go for a traditional look and fill it with books, plants, bookshelves, baskets, of course! And there’s nothing like a wide vase of flowers and branches to bring life and dynamic to a room!

You can also find lots of great pieces in Greene Street, so you’ll have some fresh inspiration for your next home improvement project. Just check out this super stylish bookshelf arrangement from City Farmhouse!

Brosley Wood

I’m hard pressed to specify which is sweeter – the soft modernist wallpaper or the splash of wood overhead? Either way, this shelf from Bosse & Bosch is sure to get a great view of the kids if you take the time to design the appropriate shelving unit for the space. A sub-wall of organic branches will not only look amazing, but the shelves themselves will enhance the eclectic feeling – which is both a private and elegant home aesthetic.

This is a great example of how you can create a dreamy, grown up library in just 3 easy steps. They took a neighbouring building and created a built-in shelving unit that perfectly complements the room. This vertical shelving really opens things up and gives the space a dreamy feel.


At the end of the hall of mirrors, another mark of style and design is the curved vanity. This one, in the Bandini Collection, creates a focal point and soaks up the space above the mirror. The mirror frame is also rounded with a thin cut-out, which is something that’s not commonly found in make-up vanities.

Large faucets can sometimes be a good idea, especially when space is a concern. This round pedestal sink is one piece of functional decor jewelry that homeowners have been definitively dreaming of.

Opt for Glass Bathroom Mirrors

Maybe all your bathroom mirrors were a bit too angular for your space, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on mirrors! Mirrors are an amazing versatile part of a bathroom. They can reflect gorgeous light fixtures, they can create the look of a fully-spaced space or they can help shave the starkness off an area without a lot of bling.

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