Modern Rustic Interiors Stacey Dunlap Rustic 3 Piece Floating Shelf Set & Reviews

Adding to another design collaboration from Canadian designer and artist Rustic Heir Touimay, the Nautilus Collection includes a set of rugs, end tables, and shelves designed to creatively portray the nautical theme. In fact, the 3-piece set that you see is now available at a price of $24.99 (the original price).

The Nautilus shelves, designed to be used outdoors, are handcrafted from walnut core and finished by hand according to the unique stitching process. Each piece can be composed of three different kinds – one for books, two stools, and one for the perfect pair of shoes for your own private African explorer. Each piece is named after the breath taking sea views – the location of the Nautilus can be chosen for example the facello directly from the shore and the bay views.

The Nautilus shelves are available in three different dimensions. The standard piece measures 5 feet 8 inches, and the extended shelf measures 19 inches.

The Nautilus shelves are both functional and elegant, and we could characterize them with one word: tasting. The contemporary styling excels especially in open shelving where the actual shelves contain ornamental pieces from the wall, such as an art collection, mirror or collection of shoes. The Nautilus shelves are crafted from Australian antiques and vintage furniture elements. The design focuses on beauty only, perhaps, to good old fashion, and the overall impression is inviting and refined.

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