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In the new year, it’s time to stock up. If buying online is on the mind (of fashion and fashion) of you, then why not make a list of what you love the most (also maybe a lot more jewelry). We are currently spinning through the current market prices and we are looking towards Online shopping for accessories to house both outfit collections and from what we believe will have the biggest impact. Keep in mind, these below are almost all products on sale through Bedding.

The Great Bedroom Fair starts on November 10th, and as you enter the online stores on that day you will have access to hundreds of pieces of designer furniture, accessories, books and fashion items. There are currently several pieces on sale through around the fashion and leisure sectors, and their price ranges from about $1000 to about $2 million ( compare with the impressive 2011 budget).

Bedding can be used as inspiration and it gives you the opportunity to spend a certain budget (it also gives you a chance to test the designs and products before you can start shopping for bedding , furniture , accessories , etc).

It’s also the case of this stylish set of beds: they are all presented by the world’s largest bed manufacturer, which is Grohe.

We actually know that they manufacture our furniture by hand from clay pots, but we’re little good at this. Well, nowhere is pink pink! Let’s glare upon a white bed, that will contrast (and, if we be honest, balance) two other elements in the room – the bed itself and the curtains.

The Assembled Furniture & Accessories Collection includes, yet is still in stock, over 500 items from Grohe that make elegant relaxation easy.

We simply love the simple but breathtaking modern bedroom style. The simple colors, flowers, white breezes, and modern lamps are just wonderful.

The collection is also offered as a whole, which means there are no levels or sections to cater to your needs. That, of course, is great if we’re combining different items in one space. But this really is a collection full of style, versatile design, and functional décor. One of best parts about this furniture & accessories collection is its affordability price. 40 Pct f wredrals (plus 3 tiling helpers) are highlighted in this catalog photo, giving it a fun mid-century modern vibe.

Which of today’s two presented items on display today sure caught our attention!

First up: the clean-lined, contemporary White Lounge Chair. This stunning chair was showcased at Design Miami/ Located at ICFF 2016.

Second,: the leggy Wood and Chrome Table with Air Seal from CB2, designed by Søren Rose Studio for CB2. Steel is the material of choice. Simple and chic, this piece will brighten any room.

Third, the Paperstone Coffee Table from CB2 features a cabinet of aluminum with a top made of an exclusive teak oil that creates a one-of-a-kind, paper-like piece. Designed by architect Jean Nouvel, the piece was designed for the lobby of the Versailles Imperial Hotel in Paris, France.

The last piece in our spotlight today is the Max Chai table, designed by Sebastian Herkner for Hisdemynovation in Berlin. Top of the line line is a new ceramic design, and a shiny aluminum base complements an aluminum black base. This unusual conversation starter is a great way to inject a new fun and vibrant pop of color to your decor. Available in white or black, this is a great conversation piece for any room.

These evergreen trees are the result of collaboration between artist Stephen Burks and mechanical landscape designer Thalene Wood between the plants. Intriguingly, several of these tall trees were among the items on display at ICFF 2016.

Resource Garden showed us the pieces of their Counter Top Filler, which is a collaboration between the California-based studio specializing in the use of reclaimed materials and limited edition collections. The organically-shaped block is large and solid and striking, yet it is made from a thin concrete sheet that is formed into a profiles of wood, glass, metal, bronze, and acrylic that make them “ disorders and diffused not only the energies of the plant life but also the elements that compose its skin,” according to the creators of the project.

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