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Floating Shelf Units are a staple in modern design and residential interiors. The shelf units are able to work together with many furniture pieces, from tables and desks to bedside tables and flooring materials. With so many sizes and designs to choose from, they fit any space and enhance the room’s beauty. Offering a modern and stylish solution to storing small items, these wooden shelves are ideal for small bedrooms or dorm rooms, where size is often limited. Available in a selection of sizes and styles, Shelf V is truly versatile to suit any space.

The wooden shelves are designed by Marco D centering, a designer from Italy where he spend a lot of time. Inspired by the colors of Peruvian pottery, he creates his shelves by mixing solid wood with ceramic. The beautiful pattern is also a modern feature. The natural wood grain visually separates the material from the ceramic, making the shelves more interesting. Personalized by Marco D., the five-piece collection is hand-made by the Italian company Valentini & Zannco.

The structure, like its surroundings, is typically very simple. In this case, the wood is theSolid Wall wood, chosen for its ability to return the earth to its natural state and its ability to be pulled into the wood. While this is a challenging design, the unit quickly turned into a shelf thanks to its size and traditional finish. It’s still popular because of its weight.

With its solid-style design, Darlee’s Eden unit brings an ample amount of density to both the shelf supports and the back of the unit. The thick wooden shelves can be moved and rolled around, which allows the unit to function as a functional storage surface more than anything it had as long as it was finished. A small table fits nicely along the unit and could be moved to another location if desired.

The Adam Wall Mounted Storage Shelf is part of a larger collection that includes several other models of the same height shelving. The tall unit can be converted to a larger single unit with a simple two-person shelf. Made of solid wood, the tree can be customized to be assembled with ease with the tools to cut and assemble it very easy. It’s perfect for small spaces but additions can be made to the frame.

Sometimes shelves have to double as storage devices. That is a real necessity when you have limited shelf space. One all-in-one unit that can double as a storage device is the Collars unit. Made from engineered wood finished with multilayer feet, the solid oak elongates and unfolds like a real Collars. The design is so versatile that any room — or area — can get its own unit.

The tall, sturdy bookshelf could easily be transformed from a standard, shelf on the wall. Moreover, the expandable design allows two shelves to be put together for extra workspace space. The Collars can also be used as room dividers or room storage.

Modern Shelving

Unlike the rectangular shelving, the units in this section are much more minimalist. The alternating units that have rounded edges and square supports are supported by the wood shelves themselves. This section is the Zen shelving unit by the Duravit 72?. Each unit is 24-karat 4 1/4? wide by 10 1/2? high.

The blue unit fits snugly inside the shelving unit and is a solid wood 72-inch wide by 11-1/2? deep by 11-1/2? high. Designed by Michael & Edward Elanson of Paris, Louis Poulsen, Cle’s, Cle’s & Cle Antiquity, the Max Harper unit is a great way to add luxury to your home without adding boring cubed shelves.

This piece is available in both full-grain leather or leather, also in black. It is part of a larger, under-the-brick collection that includes other workhorse elements.

This brass piece from MacCallar’s All Drama collection has the added drama over an aged bronze base. It is a more contemporary version created with a mohair sink and a bronze pedestal sink. The tall, angular base is topped by a broad counter with an elegant curved glass bead spout. The Leicht modern brass piece is perfect for a larger countertop that can have a magnificent diamond-shaped pattern, or a modern crystalburst sink top.

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