The Modern Floating Shelves Collection from Testrache

There’s nothing like lying on a cozy cozy cozy bed somewhere in the middle of the house. It’s so relaxing and cozy you just want to sink in and enjoy all that nature has to offer. That’s exactly the degree of comfort that this set offers. Almost everything about it is as appealing as the simplicity and elegance. The Float set is a nice blend of aesthetics and materials.

White Storage Shelving Wall

The pieces from this collection have a very simple shape, that seems to defy gravity. The most interesting thing about them is the way in which you can store and organize your things in such a simple and yet practical and functional way. The pieces are very simple and come with very specific details.

Decorative Modern Floating Shelves

The pieces are made of various types of wood that have been mortaged and/or cleaned with barn-corning. The wood pieces feature simple and modern designs. They have a smooth and seamless finish and they are made from non-toxic materials. Still, they have a natural and delicate look and they would look best in contemporary homes or in simple living rooms.The maximum retail for these pieces is 48,000 euros. Each one is unique and personalized, making them unique and would make a great addition to anyone’s home. The price it’s sold for varies by carrier.

The Modern Floating Shelves Collection From Testrache

Stylish Floating Shelf Ideas

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