Decorative Modern Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an item which increase the functionality of a room and its versatility.

Modern floating shelves to help you to get your home looking sparkling bright and elegant.

1. Cylindrical Floating Shelves.

These lovely pieces of furniture create a professional atmosphere. The bright powder blue shelves help you to create a clear image in your living room. Use them in combination with ornate mirrors and a lot of red accessories for the elegance that grace all the room. Vintage style is available for these type of shelves.

2. Lulltra Wall Mounted Storage Shelf

These modern floating shelves are a perfect accessory for your dorm room. A modern light fixture and a collection of cubes will take anything out of the room. Recomiting the essence of his classic style, the lights from LED track lighting add a note of hope.

3. Modern Floating Storage Shelf

These pieces are from Vroom. Any modern home will appreciate the modern outlook on storage solutions. These type of shelves looks great on shelves and they can be used for much more than just storage. You can think of the cubbies you can use to use jute for a quick DIY project or simply as functional accessories.

4. U Create Essential Collection of Bookshelves

If you are an avid reader of Kindle Store, why not get these bookshelves? They are innovative and will save you from the books you are not interested in. They come in different designs and shapes like a tower bookshelf.Designing your shelves the way you want is the best idea!

5. American vertically Uptown Hanging Shelf

What i love about this shelf is that you can make it stand out like never before. Who needs curtains when you have a beautiful shelf to use in your room. Thus simple, yet delightful, this Uptown Hanging Shelf cannot be avoid. It looks amazing in any room and your shelves will be surrounded by it.

6. French Wall Mounted Rack

Wall-mounted shelves are the best way of saving space. And functionally of course, they save space too. This particular shelf is a wall-hung rack. You can use it for all kinds of things from books to objects that you want to reach on the ceiling but never reach too close together on one piece. It is interesting and unique, and proves one way of making things more useful and efficient.

7. Sumptuous Shoe Rack, But It’s Not Just For Dis Spaces

If you have an old shoe with all sorts of racks and you do not want to show it off for everyone, you can try to make it look itself without all unnecessary decorations or ornaments. You can use this nice leather strip, which is not only a coat rack but a place where you can take your boots and put them on and take them with you wherever you want.

8. Wood Bookcase

Most of the times we do not want to take us read books and magazines but we just need a place to store them. At the bottom of your bookcase in the corner or maybe in a corner next to the door, you can put some books onto something sturdy like a stack of books. It is a place for every kind of books and it will look great at your house. You can match this piece with the window bookcase, the walls, the door or the many bookcases or you can try a different color combination. You will only have to be careful because the result will be astonishing.

9. Peekaboo Pink Crystal Clear

Another way to make your books stand out on the wall without them taking over the design theme is to get a very clear picture of the way you plan to place the books on the books rack. You can use numerous types of books but you can also combine them according to the cover. This will add personality to the whole room.

10. Muffin hangers

When we have all these books and so many items in the house, it hard to keep them all in the same place.

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