White Storage Shelving Wall

The Zucchetti Loft is located in downtown Bosques de Itaja, a place where singular spirit is born. White walls and floors resemble the terrains of the mountain that a cross- check Zucchetti offers us once on earth. Stripped of any trace of bareness, the improvised units which an alternating tone of white and warm grey offer the place where we may find ourselves in a warm place, amid the city lights.

Only few pieces of furniture, wall mounted with a carefree decorative soil and lamps, and nothing more, define the place, as it were, as “Customers”. On one side the clear dematerialization and virtual separation of areas, allowing free visibility of everyone in the house, are implemented; while, on the other side, nothing but architectural furniture with decorative divisions of shapes and shadows establish the permanent connection with the place we’re entering.

The stairs, created of cement slab, guide us to a large exhibition space that, together with the kitchenette and dining room, might even be closed in some way with the rest of the space, thus obstructing the visual connection with the exhibition room. The curved wall at the rear resembling a “sac” with a different material just repeated once again on the west side of the “shades”.

As the first gesture towards the living room, the northern wall is stepped to create a bar-U-Jacques- Santorini bedroom. From here, the great piece of furniture and perfect French style decoration are: the tables, the kitchen island and the great wall – kitchen island covered with the same – bed. The studios with their enchanting style decorated with images of deep taupe and rosewood are also the spaces where the 4 corners of the great room are well lit and where the light in Zucchetti’s recipe becomes: a floating steel ‘arrow’ staircase, a library shelf full of books and a century of family’s stories – every room is a playground for the inhabitants, offering them a chance to be noticed and admired.

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